It Takes A Community To Raise A Family

Help us help families in distress..!

During these strange times, the rate of domestic violence has, sadly, greatly increased. The women of Mrs Liks and Brickfields Bakery have partnered to try and help feed some of these devestated families.

We've looked local and have discovered an opportunity to help a wonderful and sadly much needed organisation, Sanctuary Housing. A small (but growing) nonprofit organisation whose mission is to provide crisis accomodation to families with purpose built, secure shelters to assist these women and children leaving dangerous situations.

Sanctuary Housing is not supported by any big corporate donors and this is where we as individuals can help, even if it's only a single meal to a single family. With demand increasing so much during this time, they are unfortunately opening a second shelter and need as much support as we can all give them.

With your support, we will provide meals for families of 4-5 people for $25. The meal packs will be generous, healthy and vary regularly with an aim of filling those hungry tummies. Our meals won't necessarily come straight from our Mrs Liks menu but will always come from our family menu; full of protein, fresh veggies, fresh fruits and of course the wonderful Brickfield Bakery breads. A full meal so the mums don't need to worry.

Mrs Liks will not make any money from this partnership but will instead invest all proceeds to the food we will provide.

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