About Us


Mrs Liks is the brainchild and passion of husband and wife duo Kirsty and Justin Maloney, who owned and ran the iconic Jimmy Liks in Potts Point, Sydney, whilst raising their four beautiful children. Kirsty and Justin understand that, like them, many people struggle to balance their passion for healthy beautiful food with the time demands of their busy lives.

The idea for Mrs Liks began from their loyal Jimmy Liks followers demanding their food as a ‘take home’ option. For years Justin and Kirsty had packaged and frozen their own food, so it was no surprise that others wanted to get in on the action. Mrs Liks now offers eleven dishes on the menu which are a mix of favourites from both their years in hospitality and from their person family repertoire. Justin and Kirsty believe that at home quality is paramount and having food cooked from scratch and filled with love is not negotiable. At Mrs Liks everything is cooked by hand. Our curry pastes begin at Flemington Markets with the freshest of ingredients. Our Bolognese cooks slowly over four hours to build and develop our rich delicious sauce. Our Pesto is OUR PESTO, punchy, lemony and our favourite. Without our pesto, our kids may not be the amazing people they are today.

Mrs Liks is a small family business [passion] with an ever – growing family of passionate followers that like us want beautiful food and a simple life.